Get to Know a Local Business:

Meet Brandon Garcia & Crossfit Crossroads

Local businesses help drive and grow our community. As our first local business spotlight, I’d like to introduce you to one that has helped me and many others in the community. CrossFit Crossroads in Thornton, CO is owned and operated by Brandon and Marka Garcia. Their guidance in the gym helps provide a place to grow as a person and to reach your full potential. They not only teach CrossFit, but they offer guidance in nutrition as well. Whether you are just starting to get in shape or looking for a new gym, everyone there will welcome you with open arms.

Business Name: Crossfit Crossroads

Owners: Brandon Garcia & Marka Garcia

Address: 12301 Grant Street Unit 120 Thornton, CO

Phone: (303) 920-2062



When did Crossfit Crossroads Open: 07/27/2012

Why did yo start Your Business?: I started the business as a hobby and quickly realized how many people I could help live a better life if I took it seriously, so I did and it's been a wild ride since.

Who are Your Clients?:  Our customers are our nieghbors. Average folks like you and I that just want to be better, have more energy, and feel healthier and fitter.

What are your future goals for the gym (present to 5yr)?: In the next 5 years we're looking at growing into a new space (we do have one picked out, now to do the work) as well as expanding our offerings as a fitness center to become the premier fitness center in the area because of the quality of our training.

What do you think makes Crossfit Crossroads different then another Crossfit Gym?: What makes us different is our coaches. We are dedicated to our craft and spend a large amount of time learning and studying those who are wiser than we are so we can offer our members a great caring experience and a healthier life. That is made easier by the fact that we are all kind of natural teachers and want our athletes to learn to move well while they get fit.

Being a Small Business Owner free time is always a premium, what do you like to do in your free time?: In my free time I find myself trying to do things that make memories for my family. Spartan Race Trips, hiking, playing in the backyard, Nerf arrow fights...I do everything I do so I can make time to make memories with my family.